Birds & Wolves

The german singer/songwriter Florian Haußer has been releasing his Indie, Alternative and Folk music under the name Birds & Wolves since October 2019. Far away from campfire romance, his first acoustic EP “Life (Volta Sessions)” fits seamlessly into the work of renowned artists like Elliot Smith or Mark Lanegan.The songs are carried by the unique and soulful voice, which can be placed somewhere between Elton John, Maynard James Keenan and Thom Yorke.

The atypical and varied songwriting creates songs that captivate the listener and awaken memories of artists like Radiohead, Pearl Jam or Tallest Man on Earth. The names show that behind Birds & Wolves there is a musician who is able to break through genre boundaries easily on his artistic way and thereby lets various sources of inspiration flow into his music.

After the first release of Birds & Wolves was musically content with the most reduced means, a four-song-strong EP follows in winter 2019, which was arranged in a Mannheim studio by the musician and his producer Christian S. Nickel (CSN Audio). It will be interesting to see what musical paths Birds & Wolves will take in the future.